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Blind Fear

Director - 
Michaël Labrecque
Coproduction - 
Le Dock studio
Production Feber
Cina Production
Sébastien Bacchardi

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the team

In the metropolis of Noméli, humankind coexists with xenobots. In this mystifying cyberpunk universe. in which everything is overruled by an AI's oligarchy known as Helius, survival is mandatory. Let us guide you through the journey of Izy, Sumane, Vorsillia and Garle, who work their way in this land where life hides in death's shadow to survive. Come out of the dark and tail the rebel faction BLINDFEAR, as they fight against the ideology of this new hyper-tethered society.

The Cast

Story-board -   
Blanche Boisvert

First drafts -   
Blanche Boisvert
Wim houben
Géraldine Rondeau